Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gratitude to the Past Me

Thanks for the laptop, the color TV,

the liquor, the smokes, and this fine library.

You did all you could to enrich my life--

oh, by the way, I like your wife.


julia white said...

This is a lot like Bob- you and your past selves are both Bob and not Bob or you now. ... and yet they all are simulatneously Bob and also not. Go figure. That would make for crazy existence. The one stable thing is the wife.
Yet, even she is its all about Bob. (more on this theory soon)

julia white said...

or maybe only the wife is bob
(and everyone else). It depends
upon how you want to view your
past you.

Andre Kukla said...

You’re quite right in seeing a connection between the future me and Bob. But Bob hasn’t made an appearance yet in this blog. I’ll refrain from elaborating on this theme until he does.

You’re also right in seeing that there’s something fishy about how my wife is portrayed. If I’m going to dissociate present selves from past selves, then the woman that I’m living with—my present wife—isn’t the same person as my past self’s wife, i.e., my past wife. There’s no basis for my insinuation that I’ve inherited my past self’s wife—I’m living with a whole new woman. This insinuation would be a mistake if we were doing philosophy. But we’re not doing philosophy—we’re doing laphematics!

julia white said...

It is true that Bob hasn't been introduced yet, somewhere between thought and manifestation. As for the wife of the past and present self, she All in One, the great goddess containing all possibilities within hereslf. She is always changing and a whole new woman in each moment. Then again, so are you, a whole new, eternally renewing self.